Dr. Amit Dhir

Associate Professor


Environmental Engg. & Sustainable Energy




Environmental Engg. & Sustainable Energy




Dr. Amit Dhir is an Associate Professor at School of Energy and Environment, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, India. He was born on August 3, 1977 in India. He received the B.E. degree (Chemical Engineering) in 1999, the M.Tech degree (Env. Sc. & Engg.) in 2006 and Ph.D. degree (Env. Engg.) in 2012. He is an expert member of Technical Committee, Punjab Pollution Control Board, Patiala. He has been undertaking various R&D projects in the area of energy & environment related to Advanced Oxidation Processes like heterogeneous photocatalytic processes, radiations-based treatment, photo electrocatalytic processes; hydrocarbon conversion processes; green technologies for sustainable energy (Biogas conversion to hydrogen enriched biogas); utilization of fly ash into block formation; etc. He has been actively involved in consultancy projects in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment, ETP adequacy, Energy efficiency and air quality monitoring & modelling.

Research Tags/ Areas:

Water treatment using Advanced Oxidation Processes, Air Quality Modeling and control Engineering, Hydrogen Production from renewable sources, Algal to biofuel production.


Filed Patent on "A System of Production of Biodiesel from Rice Bran Oil by Transesterification and Process Optimization" Application No.201711040039 A, The Patent Office Journal No. 48/2017 Dated 01/12/2017.

Research Projects:

S.No Project Title Sponsoring Agency Status
1 Reforming of Biogas for Hydrogen Production and its Utilization in CI engine under dual fuel mode MNRE Ongoing
2 Applications of ionizing radiation in AOP based degradation of persistent pollutants from aqueous streams BRNS Ongoing
3 Feasibility study on the use of steel melting furnace slag/APCD dust as filler in the manufacture of fly ash bricks/Blocks Jyoti Industries, Ludhiana and Shivalik Solid waste Management facility, Nalagarh Completed

Membership of Professional Societies:

  • Life Member, SECAS, Kottayam(Kerala)
  • Life Member, ISTE
  • Life Member, Punjab Academy of Sciences
  • Life Member, Catalysis Society of India

Research Publications:

  • Rahil Changotra, Jhimli Paul Guin, Himadri Rajput, Lalit Varshney, Amit Dhir, “Hybrid coagulation, gamma irradiation and biological treatment of real pharmaceutical wastewater”, Chemical Engineering Journal 370 (2019) 595-605.
  • Pali Rosha, S.K. Mohapatra, S.K. Mahla, Amit Dhir, “Catalytic reforming of synthetic biogas for hydrogen enrichment over Ni supported on ZnO-CeO2 mixed catalyst”, Biomass and Bioenergy 125 (2019) 70-78.
  • Rahil Changotra, Himadri Rajput, Amit Dhir, Treatment of real pharmaceutical wastewater using combined approach of Fenton applications and aerobic biological treatment”, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 376 (2019) 175-184.
  • Abhishek Gupta., Amit Dhir, “Air quality assessment of Mandi Gobindgarh city of Punjab, India”, Environment, Development and Sustainability 21 (2019) 879–893.
  • Chhotu Ram, Bushra Zaman, Amit Dhir, “Study on corrosion investigations in industrial effluents: A review”, Corrosion Reviews 37 (2019).
  • Pali Rosha, S.K. Mohapatra, S.K. Mahla, Amit Dhir, “Hydrogen enrichment of biogas via dry and autothermal-dry reforming with pure nickel (Ni) nanoparticle”, Energy 172 (2019) 733-739.
  • Himadri Rajput, Rahil Changotra, Vikas Kumar Sangal, S.K. Mahla, Amit Dhir, “A facile synthesis of Cs loaded TiO 2 nanotube photoelectrode for the removal of 4-chloroguaiacol”, Chemosphere 218 (2019) 687-695.
  • Rahil Changotra, Jhimli Paul Guin, Shaik Abdul Khader, Lalit Varshney, Amit Dhir, “Electron beam induced degradation of ofloxacin in aqueous solution: Kinetics, removal mechanism and cytotoxicity assessment”, Chemical Engineering Journal 356 (2019) 973-984.
  • S.K. Mahla, Amit Dhir, “Performance and emission characteristics of CNG-fueled compression ignition engine with Ricinus”, Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26 (2019) 975–985.
  • Akshey Marwaha, Pali Rosha, S.K. Mohapatra, S.K. Mahla, Amit Dhir, “Waste materials as potential catalysts for biodiesel production: Current state and future scope”, Fuel Processing Technology 181 (2018) 175-186.

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Books/ Book Chapters:

  • Course Material on “Industrial Waste Management (CE-029D)” for B.E. (Civil Engg.) Distance Education Mode.
  • Book published on “Utilization of biodiesel and ethanol in CI engine”, Published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, in 2018, ISBN: 978-613-9-85720-3.

Description of Research Interest

Amit Dhir research interest are in the area of bio-energy, catalysis, air quality modelling and advanced oxidation processes, Amit Dhir is having 20 years of experience in teaching & research. He has filed one patent and done a lot of work in the development of catalyst for various environmental and sustainable energy applications. He is also working in multidisciplinary field e.g. Air quality action plan, standardization of wastewater treatment plant for rural areas, air quality modelling, agro waste to bio-energy, etc. He is also invited as a chairman, key-note speaker, and expert lecture in various universities.

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