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DST-FIST Sponsored 

Department of Energy and Environment (DEE), sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India under the FIST Program, is a multidisciplinary school that focuses on teaching, research, and outreach activities in the domain of environment. Our academic activities focus on problem-solving and creating work-ready graduates who are able to take real-life challenges once they graduated. By connecting scholars and practitioners from different disciplines, the Department of Energy and Environment seeks to raise the quality of environment research at TIET and beyond.

The Department has a very active research program that is done through student research as well as sponsored projects. The academic programs of the department have a long history of research excellence. The current research program of the department has several streams. R&D activities of the School currently include river water quality monitoring and management; metal bio-transformations; advanced oxidation processes; industrial environmental management; ambient air quality; and bioremediation; bioplastics; bioenergy; and hydrogen energy production through sustainable routes. The school has an excellent track record of placement in organizations of national and international repute.


  • Train the students as future leaders in the areas of energy and environment relevant to national and international standards.
  • Create and effectively disseminate the multi-interdisciplinary knowledge about the industrial activities for sustainable use of resources.
  • Integrate, synthesize, and apply scientific and engineering knowledge to societal problems as per the present environmental legislation.
  • Produce ethically able, humane and creative global leaders.
  • Foster sustainable and cost-efficient innovations in the areas of environment and energy for the development and welfare of the society.


Department of Energy and Environment envisions to develop as a center of excellence in academics, multidisciplinary research, talent and leadership for pressing national and international environmental, energy and sustainability challenges.

Message from Head of the Department

Dr. Anoop Verma

We are a multidisciplinary team who conduct applied research and consultancy into the sustainable environment, alternative energy sources, hydrogen energy, environmental policy, bioremediation, atmospheric science and impacts of climate change on abiotic and biotic systems.

Department of Energy and Environment (DEE) was carved out from the erstwhile Department of Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences with effect from the academic year 2013. We have extensive experience of work with the commercial sector, local government, central government, and research councils.

Department of Energy and Environment has well-furnished and sophisticated environmental laboratories to develop the area of Environmental Science and Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. It draws on researchers, teachers, experts and students across India and offers them a platform to explore, innovate, integrate and solve complex social, technical and environmental issues. The department offers opportunities for public-private partnership to develop sustainable environment and energy options for future generations. It has qualified, competent and experienced faculty, involved in carrying out academic, consultancy, and research activities since 1986. We make an impact through research and by teaching the next generation of students to understand and manage Earth’s resources, and by communicating our science to policymakers, and the public.

Department of Energy and Environment has initiated an Online Professional development course (six months) on “Waste Management and Resource Recovery” from January 2023 to enlighten the knowledge of Industrial employee, Pollution control board employees, Academicians, Entrepreneurs based on environment, Environmental enthusiast, Urban local body authorities and other working professionals in the field of solid waste management.

In the spirit of Industry-Institute Partnership, and the development of the national partnership with leading institutions, recently Departmentl of Energy and Environment, TIET, and CII- Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness, Chandigarh have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a program of collaboration on related matters of mutual interest including Guest Lectures by Energy Experts from Industry, Student Internships in Industries and Energy Consultancy organizations, Certifications in ISO and Energy Efficiency, joint research projects in collaboration with Industry, etc. We have jointly initiated an Online Post-Graduate Program (2 Semesters) on "Energy Management and Climate Change" (Batch 1: November 2020 - June 2021; Batch 2: July 2021 - June 2022)

In addition, academic and research interactions have also been established with the National Institute of Bioenergy (NIBE), Kapurthala, CSIR - Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, CSIR - Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), and Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA).


Excellence-oriented Academic Programmes

A Sprawling 250 Acre State-of-Art Academic Campus offering Comprehensive Energy and Environment Programs

The Department of Energy and Environment (DEE) is one of the youngest departments of TIET. DEE has been assessed as the best academic as well as research unit among various Departments and Schools of TIET in the year 2019. DEE offers a state-of-art Post-graduate program focused on market-ready Environment  Professionals.

DEE offers a Post-Graduate Program viz., M.Tech (Environmental Science and Technology)

DEE also offers Six month Online Professional Development Course on Waste Management and Resource Recovery Post Graduate Professional Development Program in Energy Management & Climate Action

an online industry-oriented online continuing education program for working professionals, recent graduates, and those who wish to build their career in the energy management and climate action field

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2020: Admission Brochure - M.Tech (Environmental Science & Technology) 

Six month Online Professional Development Course on "Waste Management and Resource Recovery"

2021: 2 Semester Online 

Post-Graduate Professional Development Program

"Energy Management & Climate Action


Salient Features of the PG Programs

On Admission to M.Tech Programs

For Gate Qualified students: Rs. 12,400 + Rs. 5,000 per month additionally

For Non-Gate Candidates: Rs. 10,000 per month with those having 70% in qualifying Exam

1 Year paid internships during the second year for all graduating students (M.Tech)

Research-Intensive Training

Delivering excellence via varied research avenues, trained faculty and innovation

Areas of Expertise

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Dr. A. Verma, Dr A. Dhir, Dr. S Verma & Dr. Ashutosh Kumar

06 National and Bilateral Collaborations and Sponsored Projects, 06 PhDs

  • Photocatalysis

  • Ionizing radiations

  • Fenton/Photo-Fenton oxidation

  • Electrochemical oxidation

  • Photoelectrocatalysis



Dr. A. Dhir & Dr. Dhamodharan. K

02 National and Bilateral Collaborations and Sponsored Projects, 01 PhDs

  • Biogas generation

  • Biogas to syngas/hydrogen

  • Syngas to methanol

  • Utilization of gaseous fuel in CI engine

  • Biodiesel production

  • Estimation of physico-chemical properties.

  • Algal biomass production in wastewater



Dr. N.Tejo Prakash, Dr. Dhamodharan. K & Dr. S. Verma

02 National Sponsored Projects, 08 PhDs

  • Removal of metals, pesticides, polyaromatic hydrocarbon and high alkalinity

  • Biological treatment of wastewater

  • Toxicity testing


Sustainability, Solid waste Management and resource recovery

Dr. Dhamodharan. K, Dr. Ashutosh kumar, Dr. G. Goel & Dr. A. Verma

02 Industrial projects, consultancy projects and 03 Ph. Ds

  • Industrial sludge management and waste Utilization

  • Solid & Hazardous waste Audit

  • Waste to value added products


Selenium and Other Metalloids

Dr. N. Tejo Prakash

07 National and Bilateral Collaborations and Sponsored Projects, 08 PhDs

  • Quantification, bio-accessibility and bioactivity of selenium from cereal grains

  • Selenium-rich mushrooms grown on agricultural residues

  • Biogenesis of selenium nanoparticles using Se-tolerant microbial systems

Research Projects

 Some Prominent Projects in Progress

  • An Autonomous Drone Swarm Framework for Real Time Air Quality Monitoring and Pollutant Quantification in NCR hotspots

  • Production of Microbial Exopolymeric Substance (EPS) Stabilized Biogenic Selenium Nanoparticles (BioSeNPs) and their (EPS-SeNPs) application as Bioactive Matrices

  • Utilization of leather industry sludge for Brick/Paver blocks production

  • Pilot-scale studies for the removal of color from the tertiary treated trade effluent using Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)

  • Reforming of Biogas for Hydrogen Production and its Utilization in CI engine under dual fuel mode

  • Studies on anti-inflammatory responses as function of bioavailable selenium from selenium-rich cereal grains

  • Applications of ionizing radiation in AOP based degradation of persistent pollutants from aqueous streams

Bilateral/International Projects

International Collaborations with:

  • Tel-Aviv University, Israel
  • The Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Orenburg University, Russia
  • Ritsumeikan University, Japan
  • Xian-Jiatong University, China
  • University of Pau, France
  • Carleton University, Canada
  • The University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Consultancy Projects

  • >50 Projects undertaken for various industries

  • Areas of Expertise in consultancy include:
    • EIA
    • Wastewater treatment plants - Design and Performance Evaluation
    • Air Quality Modelling and Assessment
    • Performance Evaluation of APCDs
  • Major Milestones

  • Patents

    Two Patents

  • Grants

    INR..3.5 Cr

  • International Collaborations

    TAU-Israel, PennState-USA, Ritsumeikan-Japan, Orengburg-Russia, Xian-Jaitong-China, Lubjiana-Slovania, etc.

  • SCI Publications


  • Average Impact Factor


  • Citations & H-Index

    Citations 1019 ; H - Index 16

  • MOUs

    MoU with CII, CMERI, CBRI, PEDA, etc.

Opportunities & Career Prospects @ DEE

  • Highlights of the DEE: It has qualified, competent and experienced faculty, having international exposure, involved in carrying out academic, consultancy and research activities since 1986.
  • DEE is a DST-FIST Sponsored Academic Unit with State-of-Art Air & Water Quality Monitoring Labs; Research Inspired and Project Led Teaching-Learning Pedagogy; Hands-on training on sophisticated equipment; Collaborative/consultancy projects with Industries.
  • Career Prospects (for graduating (M.Tech) students): 
    • Environmental Consultancy
    • Environmental Auditors
    • Environmental Lab Managers
    • EHS Manager
    • Energy Auditor
    • ....and many more

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  • Students are given a chance to intern and work with their dream organisations.

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