Dr. Dhamodharan K

Assistant Professor


Solid and liquid waste management, waste to energy, Resource recovery




Solid and liquid waste management, waste to energy, Resource recovery





Dr. K. Dhamodharan has been associated with the School of Energy and Environment, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, Punjab as an assistant professor since July 2021. He is a Ph. D in Environmental Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG), India, and M. Tech in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India. Before coming to Thapar, he worked as a Postdoctoral fellow at Agricultural Research Organization(ARO), Israel, and received a prestigious fellowship from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, State of Israel.

He has research experience in waste to biogas production from 2010 onwards. In IITG, he designed and developed a unique biogas reactor (ABBR) for the conversion of institutional food waste on his Ph. D. In his M. Tech thesis, he worked in CSIR – CLRI laboratory, on the conversion of tannery waste fleshing and wastewater into biogas. He worked as a research associate in a consultancy project (Integrated solid waste management on ecotourism zones of Sikkim). In ARO Israel, he worked on hydrothermal carbonization to recover valuable compounds from organic waste.


S.No. Project title Funding agency Status
1 Hazardous waste Audit

Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Limited

2 Utilization of secondary sludge of leather industry for bricks/ paver blocks formation

Punjab Effluent Treatment Society For Tanneries




Till now Dr. K. Dhamodharan published his research work in reputed international Energy and Environment journals i.e., Science of the total environment, Bioresource technology, etc. He also contributed to book chapters with an international publisher i.e., Elsevier and Springer. As per Google scholar's report, his work is cited over 620 times.

Journal Papers: 10

Book chapters: 05

Book: 01

International conference presentations: 06

Research Interest:

His core research interest is on waste to value-added products recovery either in the form of energy or value-added chemicals. He is also interested in Integrated solid waste management and rural development through resource recovery. He is not limited only to the above interest, he is open to collaborating with environmental projects that deal with real-life problems.


  • Kalamdhad, A, S., Singh, J., Dhamodharan, K., 2018. Advances in waste management. Springer Nature
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